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February 26, 2014

Rastergraf will publicly announce the MerlinPXC.


September 15, 2013

Rastergraf announced the immediate availability of the AgatePXC.


 July 29, 2013

Important End-of-Life Notice

An End-of-Life (EOL) notice was announced for all ex-Raster Graphics products and all Rastergraf-supported CWCEC (formerly Peritek) graphics boards in July 2013.

This includes Eclipse3PMC/PCI/CPCI, SirenaPMC, ArgusPMC, GeminiPMC, TopazPMC, GarnetPMC, and DurosPMC. Also, the RG-101, RG-740, RG-741, RG-750, and RG-751.

Carrier boards will continue to be available and to be supported.

  • Once current stocks of Eclipse3PMC/PCI/CPCI, SirenaPMC, ArgusPMC, GeminiPMC, GarnetPMC, DurosPMC, RG-101, RG-740, RG-741, RG-750, and RG-751 have been exhausted that's it.

  • Except, until 3/31/2014, the products may still be available if parts can be had and a sufficient number of boards are ordered to justify a build.

  • As of 1/1/2015 the products will no longer be supported at all.

  • TopazPMC will continue to be available until 1/1/2015. Support will be dropped 3/31/2015.

  • Rastergraf reserves the right to accelerate the EOL schedule if there is not enough demand to justify continued support.

  • The recommended replacement for the Eclipse3 series and the GeminiPMC is the MerlinPXC.

  • The recommended replacement for the RG-101, SirenaPMC, ArgusPMC, and TopazPMC is the AgatePXC.

For more information, please contact Rastergraf at 510-849-4801 or sales@rastergraf.com

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